Lightning can be a very dangerous natural element. It has the potential to affect anyone. While the main danger is when we are outside in a lightning storm, a big danger still exists even when we are in our homes.

What are some dangers to be aware of?

One of the more apparent and obvious dangers from a lightning strike at home is a house fire. As we are aware, the damage this can cause is sizable. Have you thought, though about the other problems that come when a house fire is extinguished? Water damage is also a concern, and if the house is not properly dried out, mold can become a big issue.

Electrocution can present another big danger so its best to avoid doing anything that brings you in contact with running water, such as washing dishes or showering.

A surge protector is good for protecting your electronics, but its not wise to think that this is totally lightning proof. Its wise to turn off or unplug devices like computers and phones that could be damaged with a lightning strike, so that there is no risk.

If you can, make sure to keep away from windows and open doors, even if the storm is fun to watch.

Lightning rods and other types of protection systems are available if you feel you need to do something more to keep safe. Make sure to do your research though before investing in one, and remember to put safety first in a lightning storm.

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