What is a hot joint?

Most people are completely unfamiliar with hot joints – so if you don’t know, you’re not alone! In the context of electrical systems, a hot joint is a loose or failing connection. If left unaddressed, hot joints can cause serious problems.

What problems can a hot joint cause?

Most of the time it can be very difficult to notice hot joint issues. However, hot joints could generate unwanted heat, damage your electrical system, or even cause a fire to start. So what can you do to find out if there are hot joint connections in your home?

How to find hot joints

Don’t let the previous paragraph scare you! Hot joints can be very easy to find with the help of thermal imaging. In the hands of a trained expert, thermal imaging cameras can quickly and easily identify hot joints. You can have peace of mind by knowing where they are and having an electrician address the issue, or by having professional confirmation that no hot joints exist in your home.

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