Wildfires have been in the news a lot lately, specifically due to the record-setting number of wildfires happening in California. However, wildfires are possible in Texas as well. If you live in or near a forest or wildland area, you have an especially significant danger of facing a wildfire.

Be sure to check the web site of the local authorities in your community for information about fire laws, building codes, and evacuation procedures. Protecting your property can also include making changes around your home to reduce the risk of fires.

Of course, it’s also a great idea to have a professional home inspection, which can include some excellent, custom-made recommendations about how to protect your property from fire damage. You can find out how fire-resistant your roofing and siding materials are, and get some good suggestions on how to make fire-prone areas of the house like decks, porches, chimneys or stovepipes, eaves, and overhangs more resistant to fire.

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