Especially now, when most people’s activity is generally more restricted than usual, it’s important to stay as active as possible from a health standpoint. To achieve that goal, many people use exercise equipment to build muscle and stay in shape. This is not new, and it’s very, very good for us. However, there is a specific hazard associated with home exercise equipment that is important to consider – the safety of children.

Kids are natural-born imitators. It’s how they learn! So when they see adults exercising with home exercise equipment, they naturally want to try it out too, or they might just want to play around it. However, most exercise equipment is not made to be used by children, and there are plenty of pinch points and moving parts that can pose a threat. If possible, keep your exercise equipment in a room that can be locked, and that allows you to have full visibility of your surroundings when you’re working out.

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