Buying or selling a house is a big deal and an investment that will affect you for years to come. I want to make sure that you know what you are purchasing and to protect you and your investment.

Hiring the right home inspector is one of the most critical parts of the home purchase process. The home inspection is one of your primary layers of protection.

But not all home inspectors are made the same. Home inspectors all have different levels of experience, education, and training.

No one wants a doctor who has never treated their particular issue before. A doctor may know everything about our condition from a book, but that does not make him the most qualified to be our doctor.

It is the same thing with a home inspector. We want a home inspector who has experience in the issues found on a home inspection and who fully understands them.

And I am that kind of inspector, and so is my team. Because in addition to my home inspection experience, I also have valuable contractor experience. This experience gives me and our inspectors insight into a home that other inspectors may lack. We understand the issues – because we have likely repaired them with my own two hands.

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