Like most people, you’ve probably never thought that something like a dryer exhaust vent could have a profound effect on your life. And, it’s true, in normal circumstances, the exhaust vent of a dryer should not have a profound effect on anyone’s life. However, if it’s improperly installed, it can do some serious harm.

As one example, dryer exhaust is intended to be released in outside air, where the moisture expelled from your clothes safely floats away and disperses into the air. However, if the vent is pointed indoors, it’s releasing moisture into your home and, over time, can be the source of tremendous water damage and mold.

Additionally, the ductwork attached to dryer exhaust vents is designed to be completely straight, if at all possible. The reason for that is as moist air is forced through the duct, it’s also forcing out dryer lint and other small debris. These can get stuck on tight corners and can become a serious fire hazard.

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